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Improving the streets around Lancaster Avenue

Update December 2022: See results of consultation report here

The council wants to make the streets between Elmcourt Road and Chatsworth Way /Idmiston Road a safer, healthier and more pleasant place for all through the Street Improvements project for West Dulwich. See map of proposed area.

During February 2022 the council is collecting residents views on traffic, clean air, street trees, EV charging, crossing points and climate change in the West Dulwich neighbourhood. To have your say use the online map to submit detailed comments at  https://westdulwich.commonplace.is/overview  Deadline is Friday 25th March.

There will be a community walkabout on Saturday 12th Feb at 3.30pm and an online workshop on Thursday 17th Feb. To take part you will need to book online via the commonplace web site.


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370 new trees for Lambeth

8398323551_dd2aa2b790_zThe council has obtained funds to plant 370 new street trees this winter and is looking for sites to plant the trees. Priority will be given to streets with no trees and streets with empty tree pits ready for planting.

If you would like to see trees in your street please get in touch with the Lambeth Tree Service by Friday 11 December – email djpaul@lambeth.gov.uk . Up to four trees will be planted in each street requested.

The residents nearest any proposed tree location, without an existing tree pit, will be given 14 days to object to the new tree location.

To plant a street tree costs £450 –to cover excavation, soil, stake, tree and three years of watering and aftercare. If the tree dies within that three year period, it will be replaced free of charge. Watering takes place during July and August for up to five days a week.


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Greener & calmer traffic zone

Work is due to start in the autumn to create a new green 20 mph calming zone west of  Knight’s Hill and Norwood Road. This scheme is a unique approach to traffic calming and will include 85 new street trees. Some of the trees will be planted in tree pits in the road and others in the pavement.

Tree in a road tree pit

Tree in a road tree pit

The scheme has been developed following a campaign by local residents to expand the existing 20mph zone around Cheviot Road and tackle rat running and speeding to and from Leigham Court Road. A series of consultation activities followed an initial resident’s workshop in 2010. The necessary statutory notices have already gone out and fuller details of the scheme will be available soon with more opportunities to comment.

A group of residents are talking to Lambeth council’s tree experts about the types of street trees that would best suit the area. To get involved in these discussions please email the group at:   trees4westnorwood@yahoo.co.uk


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