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Save our trees

Cllr Jackie Meldrum watering a tree

Hundreds of young trees were planted in our streets, estates & parks in the last couple of years. These trees need our help if they are to survive the 2018 drought.

If you live near a new tree please help water it when you can. The best time to water is early morning or late evening into the plastic watering tube at the base.

The council’s new-tree contractor has doubled the usual amount of water  – to the equivalent of 3 watering cans a week. The trees  need more in this hot dry summer!

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370 new trees for Lambeth

8398323551_dd2aa2b790_zThe council has obtained funds to plant 370 new street trees this winter and is looking for sites to plant the trees. Priority will be given to streets with no trees and streets with empty tree pits ready for planting.

If you would like to see trees in your street please get in touch with the Lambeth Tree Service by Friday 11 December – email djpaul@lambeth.gov.uk . Up to four trees will be planted in each street requested.

The residents nearest any proposed tree location, without an existing tree pit, will be given 14 days to object to the new tree location.

To plant a street tree costs £450 –to cover excavation, soil, stake, tree and three years of watering and aftercare. If the tree dies within that three year period, it will be replaced free of charge. Watering takes place during July and August for up to five days a week.


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Storm damage

Sonia Winifred at Ladas Road

Sonia Winifred at Ladas Road

The old tree at the top of Ladas Road was damaged in the recent storms and falling branches broke a garden fence.Local residents asked the Labour Action team for help in clearing up the damage.

Lambeth Living is responsible for this patch of land and trees so Sonia Winifred & Jackie Meldrum, members of the Labour Action team, asked Lambeth Living to clear up the mess and check the remaining tree can survive more strong winds.

To contact Lambeth Living directly see: http://www.lambethliving.org.uk/contact-us

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