Planning Applications

Listed below are applications for planning permissions and appeals against council decisions in the West Norwood area. They are listed monthly. This is for information only.

To look at the details of a planning application and comment go to and search on the planning reference  – 20 or 21 for the year, forward slash followed by 5 digits.

Applicants can appeal a council refusal decision and ask the independent Planning Inspector to take a fresh look at the application. To look at and comment on an appeal go to: and search using the last 7 digits of the code starting APP

December 2020


10 Woodland Hill SE19 1NY 20/00115/FUL REF APP/N5660/ W/20/32614 40

Creation of a rear balcony above the ground floor bathroom, together with replacement of 1 existing window with a door and the addition of permanent obscured screening.

56 Martell Road  SE21 8EE             20/00119/FULREF             APP/N5660/ W/20/32636 84

Creation of a vehicular crossover and dropped kerb.

80 Norwood High Street  SE27 9NW         20/00113/FULCON APP/N5660/ W/20/32583 70

Variation of Condition 4 (Approved plan ‘106A’) and removal of Condition 9 of planning permission 19/03484/FUL (Reinstatement of lawful residential use (Use class C3) at first and second floors, and use of ground floor as ancillary display, sale and storage to builders merchants’ (Use class B8). Erection of ground floor rear extension, rear dormer roof extension, installation of 4x front roof lights and replacement windows at first floor level (Part retrospective)..) Granted on: 17/02/2020Variation sought: Variation of Condition 4 requests that ‘the area for vehicles to turn within shall be laid out in accordance with approved plan 106A’. The inclusion of condition 4 has consequently been misassociated with 19/03484/FUL and therefore requires amending if to be considered relevant or removed. Removal of Condition 9 is supported by reports attached, Transport Statement and Delivery and Servicing Plan prepared by Paul Mew Associates, Traffic Consultants in July, 2018, previously submitted under application 17/02336. Knights Hill 20/00113/FULCON Mr Sunny Singh APP/N5660/ W/20/32583 70

93 Rosendale Road SE21 8EZ       20/00117/FULREF             APP/N5660/ W/20/32626 13

Demolition of the garage at the rear to the end of the lane and erection of 2 storey dwelling house plus basement accessed via Idmiston Road, with the provision of refuse storages.


20/01066/EIAFUL Land off Windsor Grove SE27 9LS  – Reconsultation on Environmental Statement

Demolition of all existing buildings and structures and the provision of a new building and associated hard and soft landscaping in respect of the use of the site as a metal recycling and management facility. This application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement (ES) which is available for inspection online with the planning application documents. Written representations should be made within thirty days of the date of this advertisement to the Director of Sustainable Growth and Opportunity, Lambeth Town Hall, 1 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RW. Any comments made are open to inspection by the public and in the event of an appeal may be referred to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Confidential comments cannot be taken into account in determining an application. This application is linked with the planning application reference: 20/01822/FUL for the development proposed at: Land to the east of Shakespeare Road, London, SE24 0PT. RE-CONSULTATION DUE TO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: – Environmental Statement (dated: December 2020) Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Transport Assessment and Transport Assessment Addendum Open for comment

27 Waldeck Grove SE27 0BE         20/04221/LDCP

Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed) with respect to the erection of 2 rear dormer roof extensions and installation of 2 rooflights to the front elevation.

28 Eylewood Road  SE27 9NA      20/04269/LDCP

Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed) with respect to creation of dropped kerb / vehicular cross over to provide front parking.

72-74 Gipsy Hill And 1 Cawnpore Street London SE19       20/04081/FUL

Erection of a rear two storey extension with works at ground and at first floor level to provide additional office space (Use Class E) and development and commercial works to enable the change of use of the ground floor to provide a live work unit

56 Martell Road SE21 8EE              20/04183/FUL

Creation of a vehicular crossover and dropped kerb. (First floor flat)

31 Auckland Hill SE27 9PF              20/04291/DET

Approval of details pursuant to condition 10 ( Energy Statement) and 11 (Design Stage Standard Assessment Procedure) of Planning Permission Ref: 18/02253/FUL (Demolition of existing buildings and the erection of a four storey replacement building comprising of 7 x residential units (Class C3), associated amenity space, landscaping, cycle parking and refuse storage.). Granted on 14.12.2018

37 Knight’s Hill  SE27 0HS               20/04224/LDCE

Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (Existing) with respect to use of the third floor as a self contained residential flat (Use Class C3).

233 Gipsy Road SE27 9QY              20/04270/P3M

Prior approval for the change of use of part of the ground floor from shop (Use Class A1) to a self-contained flat (Use Class C3).

1A Curnick’s Lane SE27 0UT          20/04185/P20

Application for prior approval for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of a part single/ part two storey purpose-built detached block of flats comprising of 10 self-contained residential units (Use Class C3), together with the provision of cycle within the new building. Reuse of existing store for refuse storage.


24 Oaks Avenue  SE19 1QY             20/04161/FUL

Proposed demolition of existing raised deck and erection of single storey rear extension with a sloping roof

126 Central Hill SE19 1DX                20/03785/LDCP

Certificate of lawful development (proposed) in respect to a rear dormer loft conversion including 3 front rooflights and juliette balcony and window to rear.

262 Rosendale Road SE24 9DL     20/04151/DET

Approval of details pursuant to condition 8 (Noise Dust and Vibration Plan), 11 (Delivery and Servicing plan) and 15 (Site Waste Management Plan) of Planning permission 18/05166/FUL (Demolition and redevelopment of the site to provide a 3 storey building comprising a ground floor retail unit onto Rosendale Road with basement storage area and two upper floors comprising 2 flats and 1 no. 3 bed house, 1 no. 2 bed maisonette and 1no. 1 bed flat laid over 3 floors, fronting onto Hawarden Grove, along with provision of associated bicycle and refuse storage.) Granted on 23.10.2019.

29 Battenberg Walk SE19 1AR     20/04166/LDCP

Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed) with respect to the change of use of Ground and First Floors Dwelling house (Use Class C3) to 4 person HMO (Sui Generis)

19 Skiffington Close  SW2 3UL     20/04146/FUL

Erection of a ground floor single storey rear extension with new rooflights .

47 Chatsworth Way  SE27 9HN     20/04250/PDE

Application for prior approval for the erection of a single storey ground floor rear infill extension with dimensions of 6.00m (length), 4.00m (total maximum height) and 2.80m (height to the eaves).

10 Lovelace Road SE21 8JX           20/03636/VOC

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission reference 20/02138/FUL (Demolition and conversion of existing garage, with part basement to create full height garage. Erection of 2- storey rear extension and installation of a new dormer and 2 rooflights, renewable panels in roofscape. Alteration of side pitched roof height, with the insertion of rooflights and new windows to the side path elevation renewable panels to roofscape.) Granted on 01/10/2020.Variation sought: To widen the footprint of the rear extension and omit the step-back at 1st floor level, together with amendments to the fenestration.


15 Maley Avenue SE27 9BY          20/03324/FUL

Creation of a rear roof terrace with glazed balustrading to Flat 3

10 Coney Acre  SE21 8LL                20/03895/FUL

Partial conversion of garage into a habitable room, including new garage roof and replacement of existing windows and doors

87 Wolfington Road SE27 0RH      20/03999/FUL

Erection of a single storey rear outbuilding to Flat A.

107A Rosendale Road SE21 8EZ  20/03878/LDCP

United Kingdom Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed) with respect to erection of a single storey ground floor rear extension and the creation of enclosed passageway to link two existing rooms.

20 Birkbeck Hill SE21 8JS                20/03988/FUL

Erection of a loft conversion using a front and rear mansard extension

Lancaster Court Lancaster Avenue SE27 9HU       20/04059/DET

Approval of details pursuant to condition 7 (Final Code for Sustainable Homes) of Planning permission 12/02081/FUL(The erection of a mansard roof extension to create an additional storey to provide a further 8 x self-contained units with the installation of 4 x rooflights.) Granted on 08/08/2012

22 Lakeview Road SE27 0QJ          20/04132/PDE

Application for prior approval for the erection of a single storey ground floor rear extension with dimensions of 4.50m (length), 3.80m (total maximum height) and 3.00m (height to the eaves).

10 Berwyn Road SE24 9BD            20/03761/FUL

Conversion of single family dwelling into two self contained flats