Improving the streets around Lancaster Avenue

Update December 2022: See results of consultation report here

The council wants to make the streets between Elmcourt Road and Chatsworth Way /Idmiston Road a safer, healthier and more pleasant place for all through the Street Improvements project for West Dulwich. See map of proposed area.

During February 2022 the council is collecting residents views on traffic, clean air, street trees, EV charging, crossing points and climate change in the West Dulwich neighbourhood. To have your say use the online map to submit detailed comments at  Deadline is Friday 25th March.

There will be a community walkabout on Saturday 12th Feb at 3.30pm and an online workshop on Thursday 17th Feb. To take part you will need to book online via the commonplace web site.


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2 responses to “Improving the streets around Lancaster Avenue

  1. C Shahane

    With due respect, nobody is going to say they want polluted or unsafe streets. The point is these streets are neither more polluted nor unsafe than others in the borough. Quite the contrary. Kindly leave them alone. Do nothing please. We do not need LTNs, less parking, more meters or anything that makes our lives more difficult than they already are.

    • D McCall.

      Shouldn’t we be making all our streets safer and less polluted? Since that clearly can’t be done everywhere all at once joe do you suggest we move forward?

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