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  1. Hi – Does anyone know who owns the plot of land next to the Big Yellow Storage on Knights Hill? It is very poorly secured and on various occasion (including most recently – yesterday), has been frequented by travelers thinking that it’s a campsite. Whoever owns the land should either secure it properly, do something with it or sell it.

  2. Robert Tobin

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a flute teacher and have been living in West Norwood a couple of months now. I am looking for new students and was wondering if I could post an ad or article on your site.

    Kindest regards,

    Robert Tobin

  3. Bhupesh Pattni


    I received the following reply to this (4 months after posting!)

    “Thanks for getting in touch with us via the West Norwood News web site. Sorry about the delay – your post seems to have got lost in the system.

    The area from Chapel Road to West Norwood Station is a Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA) for town planning purposes. With land prices for housing as they are it is essential to have strong Planning policies to preserve land for any non-housing use.

    The West Norwood Masterplan published in 2009 considered the whole of West Norwood including the KIBA and recommended a way forward for the KIBA .Unfortunately the global economic downturn meant private investors were not investing and there have been no successful planning applications for the corner site on Chapel Rd & Knights Hill since then.

    The council is now hoping to review the Masterplan in 2015 to reflect the recent development achievements in West Norwood and this will be an opportunity for residents and businesses to get involved .”

    To which I sent the following (in Jan this year!)

    Further to this email, as we are now in 2015 what are the timelines and the processes to be involved in this?

    This whole area has remained unchanged for as long as I have been a resident in West Norwood (over 10 years) and it pains me to see this eye sore every day when I have to walk past it. I firmly believe that there is a correlation between the lack of development of the site and the fly-tipping that happens on the corner of Knights Hill/Chapel Rd. There is not this amount of rubbish anywhere else in the Knights Hill ward.

    Is it possible to find out under the freedom of information act how much it has cost Lambeth Council year on year to dispose of the rubbish from Knights Hill/Chapel Rd over the last 10 years?

    I’m still waiting a reply!

    Anyway, at least someone is making use of the land and is now being occupied as there are lots of caravans camped in there.

  4. So exciting to have a new Gallery, I am a member of the British Modern Mosaic Association, ai have had a few exhibitions and looking to show/sell my work in London. At present have a flat at 42 Chestnut Road.
    I shall be able to show you some work this coming Friday or Saturday or maybe you prefer photos first.
    I look forward to hearing from and wish you much success, it’s much needed if you need extra help I may be able to encourage my daughter, she is an excellent cook of many nations.

  5. Luis B.

    July 18th, from 2pm (Cathedral International Church) we will be having a big family festival day. Where there will be, games, food, fun and the whole family will have things to do…from children to adults!
    Come join us, and let’s have fun!
    Our address is:
    Langmead Road
    SE27 0DL

  6. Caroline Minns

    Very concerned to see that your ‘simple website for local people’ has removed three comments about the proposed 315 bus route, which were made last night on your post informing residents about the Public Consultation. Surely local residents should be allowed a voice, even if they are not fully supportive of this proposal? Alarmed you are promoting censorship of anything that doesn’t promote your views, particularly as you are supposed to be neutral about the bus route proposals anyway. Please advise before I take this further.

  7. Caroline Minns

    If our comments on the 315 bus have been approved, where are they? I cannot see mine or the previous three comments that appeared and then were removed? I find it astounding that a site such as yours does not allow free speech.

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