Lidl for Norwood

New Lidl from Beulah Hill

New Lidl from Beulah Hill

Lidl are building a new store at the top of Knights Hill on the site of the old car show room. Demolition started in July and the store should open by January 2018.

The new building building at 409-411 Beulah Hill  SE19 3LQ will include nine 2-bed flats above the shop and 38 off-road parking spaces. For details see Croydon planning portal:

The original planning application ref 14/04434 was refused in February 2015 and approved on appeal in May 2016. A new planning application, ref 16/0381,7 covering minor changes is being processed –  deadline for comments is 1st September 2016.

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9 responses to “Lidl for Norwood

  1. Klaus

    Please don’t shop there! Just don’t do it!
    Lidl, Aldi & Co make the high street supermarkets and the independent shops disappear. Being German myself I know what I am talking about.

    • kp

      Which high street supermarkets are you referring to? There are none in the area where Lidl is being built….unless your talking about the Tesco express, which is virtually twice the price with worse quality products.

      Regarding the ‘independent shops in the crown point area, as much as i have sympathy for the shop owners that may be affected…..there are about 8 of the same off-licence type shops selling the exact same products and i am amazed none of them haven’t shut down already based on this.

      If local Business’s feel they will be affected, then they will have to adapt to change, like any successful business. If the owner of that business isn’t willing to change then i suggest they apply for a job in Lidl where they will probably be on a higher wage, less hours, have a work pension plus other benefits.

      The whole crown point area will definitely benefit from the investment Lidl will is bringing to the area, and i expect your probably find a bigger variety of ‘small independent’ businesses’ will appear in time off the back of Lidl – a couple of examples being IGLOO (milkshake/ice cream shop) and the new Italian coffee shop….both of which will benefit from the increased footfall in the area.

      • JImmy Johnstone

        Agreed with Kip, literally 6 shops not including the tesco express, selling the same thing at the same price, half of these shops don’t sell newspapers.

  2. charliecharlieh

    Ha! Ha! Haaa! After contaminating the planning process with phony petitions and concocted websites expressing vested-interest objections, the planning process finally won through. Well done Louise Gibbons who saw through it all – (of course Lidl would present their case with a lawyer – what planet are you living on?) Lidl will now provide a clean and pleasant shopping environment – convenient too for all those who don’t possess a car and have had to rely on public transport. The shops in the area are filthy and expensive and I have refused to shop there how ever desperate – however there is a new coffee shop open worth trying! (But not the old bakery one where ‘happystar’ hangs out!) Even the local councillor voted against it – you know the one who prefers watching football during decision sessions at the council – meaning all his electorate had to get on the bus to go shopping if they wanted decent shops and decent prices that is. So-called history societies voted against it too – and they don’t even live in the area (like the ‘bakery/coffee shop owner). When asked what was worth saving architecturally around the old Smith’s showroom, we got a pretentious “well it’s curved on the corner”! What like all the other corners? This row of shops should never be in the conservation area – and there was absolutely no architectural merit in Smith’s – a long time blight on the area. He even said that Waitrose would have better architects! So not biased then? Like the head of planning who is also an architect with some arguably dodgy creations under his belt. Another vested interest decision that turned it down. So welcome to Lidl! And well done. Don’t forget to remind those who voted against when you see them in Lidl when it’s finally built. And go and try the coffee shop around the corner next to the plumbers – it’s great! (Not the one next to the dry cleaners.)

    • Klaus

      There are really interesting points in your comment, KP!
      Let me add a few thoughts of mine:
      I agree that in general the range of products in the corner shops has not much to do with the kind of food products which I usually buy.
      At least, in the UK there ARE these independant food shops:
      In Germany (I am German) even regional and national supermarket chains have disappeared (latest example: Kaisers Tengelmann), as Germans want to buy cheap, cheap, cheap, and Aldi & Lidl undercut the prices of any competitor.
      And in Germany their new stores (looking the same all over the country, to keep construction costs at a maximum low) are mostly built outside town centres, with huge car parks, inviting or even forcing people to drive there and thus making car-ownership “normal” or even “necessary”.
      There are (big) villages in Germany where no food shop at all was able to survive.
      This is the resultat of the discount chains and their influence on the politicians who make the planning laws.
      And they are doing the same in other countries now,

      For me this is not acceptable, and I have decided since long not to spend a penny (or eurocent) at Lidl or Aldi anymore. I am aware that I belong to a minority of customers, but at least in Germany there are enough of us to allow organic food supermarkets to exist and to expand: they open new shops in the cities all over the country.
      I am sure, you would love them, KP 🙂

  3. MARie

    Why have the builders stopped working there?

  4. MARie

    Why have the builders stopped work there?

  5. Joe Wright

    IKON construction the builders went into receivership two months ago

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