Lidl at Crown Point

Former car showroom

Former car showroom

A planning application has been submitted to Croydon council by Lidl to open a store on the site of the former SG Smith Volkswagen car showroom on Beulah Hill.

Residents and local Croydon & Lambeth councillors are particularly concerned about the impact on traffic as Lidl’s trucks would be joining trucks for both the local Tesco and GKN builders merchants which are already causing difficulties on busy Crown Lane.

To see and comment  on the plans quote ref 13/03146 on :

The closing date for comments is Thursday 31st October.

For more information on the local campaigns see:


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7 responses to “Lidl at Crown Point

  1. Sarah

    Hi, I don’t think the residents association you link to is really a residents association. This seems to be a personal campaign on the part of one person. There certainly hasn’t been a call to any meetings. I think referring to it as a residents association is dubious and any information coming from that site just be taken with a pinch of salt.

    There is a thread discussing this application on the virtual norwood forum here:

    As you can see, there is actually a lot of support for the application as well.

  2. please note, there is also a large group of residents in favour of this development, they are welcoming the added investment in the area and a wider choice of retail.

  3. Zan

    I can’t wait! Welcome to Norwood Lidl! It’s just what my pocket needs <3 <3

  4. Also, the ‘residents campaign’ is NOT speaking on behalf of the local community, it is just one local resident, probably a store owner who is fighting this development fiercely.
    proof of this, and a more balanced view which actually reflects the local community, can be seen on the following virtualnorwood thread:

  5. Jess Taylor

    As a local resident I think anyone who can not see the major traffic issue another supermarket here will cause is either completely oblivious to their surroundings or has never visited the area.

  6. Natalie

    I would love lidl to come to crown point and so would a lot of residents here and around crown point to.

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