Lidl at Crown Point

Proposed shop front on Beulah Hill

Proposed shop front on Beulah Hill

Lidl has submitted new plans for 9 flats and a supermarket on the empty car showroom site close to the corner of Crown Lane/ Beulah Hill. The main shop entrance will be on Beulah Hill SE19 3HD. The plans include a 38 space car park with an entrance on Crown Lane.

Previous plans were refused by Croydon counciI – see our posts on 21/10/13 and 21/2/14.

To see or comment on the new plans in detail quote ref 14/04434/P on Croydon council’s planning portal:


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11 responses to “Lidl at Crown Point

  1. R.kG

    The traffic issue has still not been resolved. The design is just another bigger LIDL. Parking for nearly 40 cars means an extra circulation of at least 20 cars on any given time. Crown Point has the builders , Tesco, local bus circulation choking from traffic congestion already! Why do we need an even bigger LIDL then previously proposed, with an even bigger car park with even more traffic, when the present traffic issue is not yet resolved?Why can’t there be a local fresh foods market for all the local producers, bakers , crafts people, florists to have stalls just as now so successfully run in the church down in West Norwood, Dulwich, Streatham and Brixton of course!
    There are plenty of ways to regenerate beautiful Crown Point, LIDL plans is definitely not one of them!! The local people should be consulted on what should be built there, and positive way forward must be found!
    Crown Lane

    • Chris

      ‘Beautiful crown point’?? Iam not exactly sure how its currently beautiful? Crown point itself doesn’t have architecture in place to be beautiful….hence its never going to be your dulwich / Brixton. I would rather see a modern development opposed to 1960/70s worn buildings and shops any day.
      A LIDL is a great idea and its the first major step to regenerate the area. The smaller specialist shops (florists/coffee shops/bakeries) will soon follow as the actual foot fall (opposed to just passing cars) will increase.

      LIDL as a company are also now competing with the likes of the big supermarkets and so called up-market chains, so to have a brand name like that in your area is only going to positive.


      • T

        Chris, you’ve not noticed the British Home for the Incurables with a Grade II listed chapel opposite?

  2. Queen Mary Road

    A large supermarket is completely wrong for this location. The scale of it in relation to the other buildings is ridiculous.

  3. Queen Mary Road 11

    Beautiful Crown Point hahahahaha

    Second of all I had to call myself Queen Mary Road 11 since as per our facebook page most of us are ‘for’ a Lidl and Queen Mary Road comment above name looks like you are representing us. I also live on this road

  4. Chris

    T – Indeed throughout London you get a mix of Victorian along with 60/70s buildings ….I am not disputing there are will be some older/attractive buildings around the area. However, this is about redeveloping ‘crown point’ itself (the actual shops/businesses/buildings at the cross roads)….which i think most people would agree is pretty run down and dilapidated.

  5. Queen Mary Road 11

    just to clarify i meant to say QMR the second not number 11 (sorry number 11)

  6. Queen Mary Road 11

    That T is from Toby (only one against on fb) and that Queen Mary is prob same person too lol

    • T

      Hi there, I did comment the first time but I didn’t intend by the name I used to speak for everyone on Queen Mary Road. I just wanted to show that I was a resident nearby, so apologies. Just had a look at the Facebook discussion and I don’t look to be the only one not in favour. I stand by the two points I’ve made about the scale of the building and that the Home for the Incurables is a great looking building.

  7. Local

    Researchers have identified a new driver of property prices – the presence of a Lidl, adding value in 80% of cases. They found that on average those houses near the discounter Lidl were 19% more expensive than in neighbouring postcodes that don’t – or an average of £29,000.

    There is a ‘Lidl effect’, as the growing popularity of the budget supermarket draws buyers to an area. There’s no longer a stigma attached to shopping at budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi. As Tesco’s sales have declined, Lidl’s have climbed more than 20% since 2013.

    With regards to crown point this will make local traders (4 of which are the same type shop) improve their run down shops. Market forces are to improve the area, so either improve or move. No smaller ‘decent’ investments like everyone bangs on about will come until there is a bigger investment and money is shown to be pumped in. This another reason Lidl is good. The current shops are so empty anyway so I know it’s their livelyhood but things can’t get much worse for them biz wise! Coffee shop could easily be next investment if people start stopping in the area.

    I live in the area too and must admit Crown Point nearly put me off! ‘Pretty’ it is not!!!! Locals we’re all mentioning how it’s a shame Lidl couldn’t occupy the whole space, right up to the corner and I agree. The only negative is they don’t being down the whole lot!

    All that aside, what’s there now, a horrible, boarded up empty space.

    • Hope

      All the shops at crown point need to really up their game ! The shop fronts all need painting and better quality food/ artisan bread etc etc are desperately needed and would be used more if this was the case. The post office has very friendly staff but is so badly run down inside and out, it’s a real shame and the whole area could be SO much better. Why can’t the shop owners do something to entice customers ? Evergreen trees in big pots, more flowers as well as the above mentioned improvements. They should approach the council for help as surely all marked improvements can’t just be for Croydon centre ?!

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