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Meeting on Streetworks project

Streetworks is the local community led project to improve the pavements and make West Norwood’s main shopping street more attractive to local people & visitors. https://www.streetworks.london/

Norwood Action Group has organised  a public meeting at 7pm on Monday 10th September at Chatsworth Baptist Church in Chatsworth Way SE27 9HN to look at the results of the Streetworks project  and the future of our shopping street. All welcome to come and have a say.

Town centres have always been retailing centres but the shift to online shopping means town centres are shifting towards more services to survive.  With many independents providing a wide range of services already West Norwood is in better position than many places to take action to ensure the town centre remains the heart of the local community.

If you can find it online  – Robert Peston’s 3 part History of Shopping is worth watching.

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Norwood Road pavements

The plans for the new pavements, under construction, on Norwood Road & Tulse Hill Station Rise can be seen online at: http://www.streetworks.london/documents.  Works are due to be finished by the end of this year.

Cyclists asked for changes near Elmcourt Road and there is an opportunity to see & comment on the revised plans to improve cycling in Norwood Road on Wednesday 21st June between 6pm to 7pm at Bon Velo bike shop 495 Norwood Road SE27 9DJ.

StreetWorks is a community-led project to improve Norwood Road between Robson Road and Tulse Hill station (and in the longer term the one-way system at Tulse Hill)  with funding from Transport for London and supported by Lambeth council.

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Snow on hills of West Norwood

Norwood in snow

Jane Pickard and Mike Smith on Lakeview Road at top of Knights Hill on Saturday 19/12/09

Its colder on the top of the hills around West Norwood!  After Tuesday’s ( 15 Dec) snow fall most of the snow had melted in the centre of West Norwood by Saturday but once you get higher than  50 metres above sea level  the  snow and ice stayed much   longer on the roads and pavements.

Martin Sachs , who heads Lambeth’s Highways team, told residents at the Norwood Forum last week that in wintry weather his priority is to grit the busiest roads and those on hills  twice a day , using special gritter vehicles  – apart from red routes which are looked after by t he London Mayor’s Transport for London.  Traffic speeds up  the melting process on roads but gritting pavements is a slower manual process done by  staff who normally sweep the streets. Busy pavements outside shopping centres, schools and  hospitals have priority.  Salt  bins are left unlocked for residents to use.

Labour action team members Jane Pickard and Mike Smith have asked for Norwood’s  side streets to be gritted too. “Some streets are like an ice rink”  said Mike Smith on Saturday “and many older people are trapped in their homes until the pavements are made safe to walk on.”

More snow fell on Monday afternoon (21 Dec) causing chaos throughout London as traffic struggled with the icy roads. The resulting gridlock prevented gritters getting on the road quickly. Gritting will continue throughout the night.

Call Lambeth on 020 7926 9000 to report problem streets and pavements. For red routes call Transport for London 0845 305 1234 (24 hours a day)

For more details of Lambeth’s plans for winter weather see



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