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Labour party supporters

Cllr Sonia Winifred on Holderness Way

Cllr Sonia Winifred on Holderness Way

The latest leaflet from the local Labour party has a message from our new MP Helen Hayes and information about the Labour supporters scheme.

Labour’s registered  supporters are people who support Labour’s aims and values and want to make it official that they back Labour.

Registered Supporters  can also have a bigger say in the future of the Labour party both nationally and at a local level. So they can have an individual vote at future Labour Party leadership elections and Londoners can vote for Labour’s candidate for London Mayor.

For details see: http://www.labour.org.uk/w/labour-party-supporters

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West Norwood’s new MP

IMG_9059Helen Hayes, the Labour candidate,  was selected on 7th May as the new MP for Dulwich & West Norwood . Helen has a significant majority – over 16,000 votes.

The results are:

Labour – 27,772 (54.1%)

Conservative  – 11,650 (22.7%)

Lib Dem – 5,055 (9.8%)

Green – 4,844 (9.4%)

UKIP – 1,606 (3.1%)

TUSC – 248 (0.5%)

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Election Result

Tessa Jowell

Labour's Tessa Jowell - Winning Dulwich and West Norwood

Tessa Jowell has been re-elected as the Labour MP for Dulwich and West Norwood on May 6th 2010. Tessa’s majority over the runner-up has increased to 9,365.


Labour 22,461
Lib Dem 13,096
Conservative 10,684
Green 1,266
UKIP 707

For more information on Tessa Jowell  see:


The BBC web site has lots more information on the general election results:


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