Sadiq Khan for London Mayor

Campaigning for Sadiq Khan in West Norwood

Campaigning for Sadiq Khan in West Norwood

The important elections for London Mayor are only  a few weeks away.  Make sure you have a right to vote on May 5th

Online registering is very easy and takes only  a few minutes – you just need your NI number. See

Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting , is the Labour candidate.  Sadiq’s priorities for ordinary Londoners are affordable Housing , affordable Transport & effective Policing. For more information see his manifesto

And follow Sadiq on twitter @SadiqKhan


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5 responses to “Sadiq Khan for London Mayor

  1. ladynorwood

    Will you, in the interest of fairness, be giving equal promotion to all mayoral candidates?

  2. Sarah Boada-Momtahan

    Didn’t know you were a Labour Party mouth piece. Thought this was a page for news about West Norwood. There are other candidates running. People should educate themselves:,_2016

  3. In the interests of fairness, will you be giving equal coverage to all mayoral candidates??

  4. Sadiq Khan will be losing votes hand over fist in Lambeth if something isn’t done about Lambeth Council and the libraries. I’ve written an article outlining the frustrations we are having communicating with them about the library plan here:

  5. DavidG

    I totally agree with statement above – I think this site is great but wasn’t aware that is was part of the Labour party’s marketing machine. Are you going to publish a similar post for the other candidates so West Norwood residents can make up their own minds as to who should be the next London mayor?

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