Flats on the tennis club site

IMG-20150721-02216Developers are trying again, for a fifth time, to get planning permission to build 36 flats and new tennis facilities on the site of the Tennis Club in Cheviot Road SE27 0SR. Check out the details and comment, using ref 15/03867 at http://planning.lambeth.gov.uk/online-applications/

The fourth planning application 14/06822 was refused and the developers are appealing to the independent Planning Inspector to reverse Lambeth council’s decision. The arguments for and against the council decision will be heard in public by the Planning Inspector on Tuesday 4th August from 10am in the town hall in Brixton. The appeal ref is APP/N5660/W/15/3028118 and details are at: https://acp.planningportal.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3028118

Norwood Action Group ( NAG) have successfully  campaigned to get the site listed as an Asset of Community Value and want  to see the tennis club run for the benefit of the local community. For more information see NAG’s web site: http://norwoodactiongroup.org/actions.php?s=nag-campaign-to-rescue-tennis-squash-and-social-club.

And see our earlier posts 23/1/201512/8/2014, 7/9/2013, 10/4/2013, 1/2/201311/7/2012 and more..

UPDATE:  Cllr Pickard and other local residents spoke against the plans at the hearing on 4th August and the developers lost their appeal, for the fourth time.

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