Anyone for tennis

The privately owned West Norwood Tennis Club at 128, Knights Hill, SE27 0SR   welcomes non-members to play but is not taking new members.

The Club is open on Saturday mornings between 11.30am and 2.30pm and Sunday lunchtimes between 12pm and 3pm. During the summer the Club is also open on Wednesday evenings between 5-8pm.

Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings are Club times when  members have priority use of the courts. Fees are £5 per person per hour.

For more details call 020 8670 4592 during Club opening times.


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6 responses to “Anyone for tennis

  1. Lisa JP

    Has it been done up then?

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  2. K.b.

    Ridiculously expensive courts in poor condition. Why not open it to new members and invest in it a bit?

  3. Dan Lockeretz

    Yep – so if I want to take my kids (x3) down there for a couple of hours knock about…£40!! Such a shame they won’t open it to new members and revitalize what could be a great little community tennis club.

  4. Dan Sharder

    Far too expensive – a case of greedy individuals looking to make a quick buck, with no interest in sharing what should be a great community resource with our kids.

    • The club is privately owned and has annual running costs to cover as well as find significant funds to upgrade its facilities for the medium and long term. Clearly the club has decided its way way forward is to sell up. But to date its prospective buyers have been over ambitious with 3 planning applications for new housing which have all been turned down by the council and the independent Planning Inspector.

  5. Terry Godman

    why is the club not accepting new members. Why are the club open hours so limited. The club used to be open for considerable periods.

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