Lidl gets thumbs down

Jane Pickard & Sonia Winifred at proposed Lidl site

Jane Pickard & Sonia Winifred at proposed Lidl site

Lidl applied to Croydon council for planning permission to turn the former car show room on Beulah Hill into a Lidl store. But the application was turned down  on 6th February . Croydon wanted the building to be smaller and fit in better with the Norwood Grove Conservation Area.  There are other concerns  about the lack of detail on managing traffic using the car park entrance on Crown Lane.

Lidl may appeal agains the Croydon decision  or re-apply with new plans. For details of the scheme quote ref  13/03146/P at


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2 responses to “Lidl gets thumbs down

  1. Unbelievable… Lets hope they simply keep it run down like the surrounding properties on that side of the road

  2. Marie

    Bringing in more people to the crowded area, will people being flying? Because the we need more roads, not less.

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