Thames Water again!

Thames Water have a new infrastructure project for the SE27 streets around Royal Circus – between Broxholm Road and Canterbury Grove.

Between mid-January 2021  and June 2021 Thames Water want to replace 1.7miles of 100 year old cast iron water mains in these streets: Broxholm Road, Cambrian Close, part of Canterbury Grove, Chartham Grove, Egremont Road, Glennie Road, Ivymount Road, part of Lansdowne Hill, Portal Close, Pyrmont Grove, Royal Circus,  Waldeck Grove and part of York Hill.

The plan is to carry out works one street at a time. Traffic will be managed using traffic lights to close one lane in each road in turn. The 315 bus service should not be disrupted.

Look out for a letter addressed to affected residents from Thames Water early in January –  just as soon as details of this important infrastructure project are finalised.

For information on the Norwood Road water mains replacement project, completed in summer 2020, see our previous post 24/7/20.

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  1. Fred Quesnel

    As a Resident of the lower end of Glennie Rd, allegedly unaffected by these new Thames water works, I will be surprised if they make contact with us, as they never inform us of works to Leigham Court Rd. We are probably more affected by works in the area as the bottlenecks of rat-running traffic manifest themselves most strongly here where the traffic enters and leaves the area onto Leigham Court Rd. Morning and evening rush-hours cause gridlock here at the best of times, but when there are road works on Norwood Rd, as for the last major water works project, and any work to LCR and the perpetual work at LCR and Valley rd junction the effects are amplified. During the long over-running Norwood Rd Water main replacement works, our streets became unbearable with every school drop, rat-runner and delivery driver cutting through, my own car was damaged twice over this period.
    Before these works commence, measures should be put in place to reduce/eliminate the through traffic in the area, making our streets safer, less polluted and quieter.

    I have devised a scheme requiring the blocking of only 4 minor ads and a number of no entry and one way streets that will loop traffic back onto the main road it came from. These would cost little to implement and benefit the whole area even if only applied on a temporary basis.

    Please contact for details and I will share them with you once drawn up.

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