71 day diversion from York Hill for 315 bus

315 going up York Hill

When Thames Water start digging up Norwood Road to lay  a new water main they plan to close York Hill and Lancaster Avenue for 71 days. The 315 bus will be on diversion the long way round to Leigham Court Road via Knights Hill and Crown Lane.

As well as taking passengers to Streatham the 315 is a vital lifeline to many older people living in the streets  around  the top of York Hill.  This part of the route is hail and ride and does not have bus stops with diversion information. Please mention this important change to the 315 bus service to any neighbour who relies on this bus to get to and from West Norwood.

Thames Water are now expected to start their road works just after the May bank holiday. They will post leaflets and hold public meetings as soon as they can confirm a start date.

The start date has slipped from the one in our earlier post 15/3/19

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  1. Sheila Launchbury

    According to a mass mailing received in the area, the diversion of the 315 bus route is now scheduled to last from 27 May to ‘mid-October’ – i.e. 4.5 months! This is MUCH worse than indicated in your last mailing (which was bad enough, I need hardly say). It is not difficult to predict the effects on the retail and social environment of this prolonged withdrawal of a well-used local service, particularly when one considers the additional closure of nearby bus stops affecting routes 2, 322, 432, 68 and 468. It is hard to understand how this issue could not have been better planned.

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