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Old laundry demolished

The old laundry site

The Brooks laundry building, off Lansdowne Hill, closed over ten years ago and has been derelict ever since. The derelict building has now finally been flattened to make way for new buildings.

Planning permission was agreed in September 2019 to build 51 residential flats in a part 6 and part 7 storey block on the laundry site. The plans include a separate 4 storey office building.

The flats are to include 11 homes at social rent and 5 shared ownership homes. 5 flats are required to be fully accessible to residents using a wheelchair.

Proposed new flats

To see the plans in detail use ref: 19/02840 at the Lambeth Planning portal  https://planning.lambeth.gov.uk/online-applications/

The SADPD planning policy changes do not apply to any planning applications yet. Comments on the SADPD policy changes for a tall tower in the West Norwood town centre’s Site 18 are still being considered. For SADPD details see https://westnorwoodnews.com/2022/04/05/update-on-major-developments/

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The Housing Bill

Labour councillors oppose the Housing Bill

Labour councillors oppose the Housing Bill

In Lambeth most households are renting – only a third are owner occupiers. About 35% of Lambeth households are renting from the council or housing associations. The government’s new Housing Bill will severely reduce council housing and other forms of affordable housing and do not tackle London’s housing crisis and its ever increasing rents and house prices.

The Housing Bill  going through parliament will:

  • Charge council and housing association households in work with a new “Pay to Stay “  tax to government  if they want to stay in employment and in their home: increasing rents for some by £15,000.
  • Force the council to sell hundreds of its council homes on the open market
  • Reduce new council tenancies to 2 -5 years.
  • Developers will no longer build genuinely affordable homes for local people as part of new construction developments

Through the Town Planning process  Lambeth council has gained 2,500 homes for social and affordable rent from private developers in the last five years, including a large number of new council homes. But we still have more than 21,000 people on the waiting list and the almost 1,900 homeless families with 4,900 children in statutory  temporary accommodation.

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