Controlled parking zone for West Norwood town centre

The council is planning a controlled parking zone (CPZ)  for West Norwood’s town centre. An informal public consultation is due to start in July 2023 on the new West Norwood Central CPZ.

Implementation in December 2024. The attached map suggests how a CPZ might look for West Norwood town centre ( coloured green). The one hour 30 minutes free parking bays should be retained.

Other parts of Norwood are due for a CPZ a year later.

For more details of the new CPZ programme for the south of Lambeth see:

Two thirds of the borough of Lambeth is now a CPZ – where residents pay for a permit to park in the CPZ where they live. There is usually an hourly charge, typically £3.94 an hour, depending on the CPZ, for parking in marked non-resident parking bays. Diesels pay more. Details of Lambeth’s parking schemes are here:

The aim of CPZs is to reduce parking stress for local residents and businesses.


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4 responses to “Controlled parking zone for West Norwood town centre

  1. Tracey

    Is this right as the public consultation is in July 2023 but decision says January 2023? Really tired of this constant car restrictions in Lambeth yet Lambeth wanted to push through the expansion of the metalwork site near the sorting office. Such contradictions for a Borough so called concerned about residents health.

  2. Charles Evans

    Hear hear to that last comment. Hardly joined up thinking. It’s just a dash for cash.

  3. Bozena Michalowska

    I would strongly oppose, imposing parking permits on thurlby Road and Thornlaw Road. There has never been a problem with parking on these roads.

    Commuter parking may be a problem at the High Street end of Thornlaw Road but categorically is not an issue at the top end.

    One of the great beauties of this road is that parking is so easy. To impose permits would significantly increase the stress for residents and remove an important amenity.

    One of the reasons for moving from Clapham to West Norwood was to avoid the stress, difficulties and increased cost caused by having parking permits outside my home. The imposition of parking permits is an insidious tax designed purely for revenue generation. You should seek the feedback of residents along the full length of the street. Those at the bottom of thornlaw road may welcome permits, but those at the top are strongly of the view that permits unwelcome.

  4. Bozena Michalowska

    It’s an insidious tax, which will only increase administration, stress and cost for residents. Parking has never been a problem at the top end of Thornlaw Road and Thurlby . Imposing permits will create problems that were not there before.I would strongly oppose imposing parking restrictions west of the Thornlaw road junction with Casewick Road.

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