ALDI consultation

Aldi wants to build a store on Knights Hill beside the Big Yellow Box Storage Company. They have organised two consulation events at the Baptist Church on Thornlaw road – Thursday 21/7 4pm to 7pm and Saturday 23/7 10.30am to 1.30pm.

The next stage will be a formal planning application and another chance to have a say.

The site is in West Norwood’s KIBA (Key Industrial Business Area). It is the council’s policy to concentrate retail businesses in the Norwood Road shopping street.

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One response to “ALDI consultation

  1. Klaus van den Kerkhoff

    43 parking spaces!?
    For a shop that is meant to be “not a one-stop shop. Its smaller stores focus on packaged and convenience goods, complementing rather than competing with existing local shops and services.” !?
    That speaks for itself.
    By the way: At a time where everyone talks about climate change and the move towards green transport, how dare they think about building a huge car park?

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