Chapel Road closed to traffic

Thames water are fixing yet another leak under Chapel Road SE27 0TY at its junction with Knights Hill.

Unfortunately the proposed works by Thames Water to replace a 21inch water mains under Norwood Road will not stop more localised smaller leaks.

Please keep reporting, seeps, trickles and streams of clear water direct to Thames Water at:

Or telephone 0800 714 614  –  line open 24/7.

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  1. Jenny Butler

    While I accept that this is a necessary project, my worry is the time it is taking. I pass these roadworks four times daily , and sadly I rarely see workmen! When I pass at around 4 pm there is no one working. This is causing massive interruptions to traffic in a busy area. I feel more priority should be given to this project with more workmen perhaps doing shifts in order to complete ASAP.
    On the continent work if this nature is given priority so as to minimise interruptions to the public. Why oh why does the Uk think plodding along with such work is the natural order of things. Please take a leaf out of our continental friends book and prioritise!!!

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