Developments in West Norwood town centre

The old laundry building

The old laundry building

Two key development sites in West Norwood are up for sale. One is the old laundry site off Lansdowne Hill and the other is the group of workshops behind Texaco garage. These properties are thought to be connected with Tesco.  GL Hearn are handling the sale – offers due by 21st May. For details see:

The council’s Local Plan has guidance on potential future uses of land in  Site 18, the area along Norwood Road between Lansdowne Hill  and York Hill . A mix of housing and retail are the most likely uses. For more information  see page 201 of Places & Neighbourhood section of the Local Plan at :

The last master plan for West Norwood was published in 2009 and much has changed since then. So the council  will be updating the Master Plan over  the next few months. Look out for events to have your say!


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2 responses to “Developments in West Norwood town centre

  1. Michael Ball

    Oh dear… this should be a good thing, but could end very badly.

    The sites are currently retail and industrial; the London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2009 had it down as a potential site for redevelopment for housing, and Lambeth’s 2009 Masterplan shows the potential for redevelopment for 215 homes, a doubling of the retail (for a medium-sized supermarket, of the size of Clapham High St Sainsbury’s, for example), 166 car parking spaces, and 215 homes. The as yet unadopted Lambeth Local Plan states that the preferred use is a “retail-led mixed-use development to include housing, new public space, improved connections (to York Hill estate) and smaller retail units fronting Norwood Road.

    BUT the site is being marketed as a “residential development opportunity”. In the current climate it is very likely that the desire for a developer to make the most bucks by cramming maximum residential and the Council’s desperate need for sites for housing (and getting some affordable out of the developer) will be at the expense of retail and employment-generating uses.

  2. Jane

    Any update on this? Looks like the sites are under offer.

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