Mayor to sell off Gipsy Hill police station

Gipsy Hill police station

Gipsy Hill police station

Gipsy Hill police station at 66 Central Hill SE19 1DT has been closed to the public temporarily for many months but our local police teams are still based there. Residents have been campaigning to get Gipsy Hill police station re-opened ( see )
But  despite the views of local people London’s Tory mayor is now planning to close Gipsy Hill  police station permanently and sell off the building. Local people will have to travel all the way to Brixton if they want to speak to a member of the police and report a crime.
Policing across London is the responsibility of the Mayor of London who has cut the number of police officers in Lambeth by 214 since 2010. Lambeth is asking for a fairer deal and 100 more police to bring the borough in line with the London average. To show your support for the campaign for 100 more police just  sign the council petition at


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2 responses to “Mayor to sell off Gipsy Hill police station

  1. alison carter

    I remember getting my dog from them when i was a kid..It was a good little police station. real part of the palace ,Shame it’s gone

    • Phil Bennett

      I was a policeman there in the 70’s great place to work & friendly ‘parishioners’ RIP Met Police

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