More shoppers parking

Residents, businesses, councillors  and The Norwood Forum have asked the council for more free shoppers’ parking in West Norwood town centre. Lambeth’s Highways engineers are now working on a scheme to introduce more than 30 additional one-hour free parking  spaces around West Norwood town centre. These spaces  will  help people how are shopping in the town centre rather than commuters using the station.

Following the necessary statutory consultations the new one-hour free bays should be in place by the end of the calendar year 2012.


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4 responses to “More shoppers parking

  1. Mr Common Sense

    50% of Lambeth residents don’t even own a car. Norwood Road is within walking distance of thousands of homes. People choose not to shop in West Norwood because it’s noisy and unpleasant, due to the abundance of cars. We need fewer cars not more.

  2. Wandsworth Council allow shoppers to park in some of their school playgrounds at the weekends and the Sunday flower market in Columbia Road does the same at the local college…

  3. About time, our local shops get a tiny bit of what the large supermarkets and shopping centres have lots of = parking.

  4. Mr Common Sense

    In Bogotá, Colombia, every Sunday the city closes 70 miles of its roadways to vehicular traffic and opens the roads to cyclists and pedestrians. I’d like to see West Norwood closed to traffic on Sundays too.

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