Disturbances hit West Norwood

Tessa Jowell outside damaged  Money Shop

Tessa Jowell outside damaged Money Shop

Ward councillors and local MP Tessa Jowell visited West Norwood businesses following the disturbances on night of  Monday 8th August. Everyone is keen to get back to business as usual.

Attempts made to break into  several  shop premises in Norwood Road and the door of  The Money Shop was broken down. The break in was recorded on CCTV and  the police have posted pictures of suspects:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/metropolitanpolice/6025500434/in/set-72157627267892973/. What  happened in West Norwood was  opportunistic attempts to rob a few shops, rather than the overwhelming looting seen elsewhere.

The police are now making hundreds of arrests of people involved in looting across London and courts are sitting for long hours to process the cases quickly.   To get up to date advice and information directly from official police sources you can subscribe to the Community safe web site and choose  the information alerts for the areas you are interested in. http://www.communitysafe.gov.uk.

The good news is that following the widespread recent public disorders of this week  there has been a fantastic response from Lambeth residents offering  to come &  help clean up. The council is now co-ordinating a Volunteering Speed Dating event next week. If you have been inspired by the recent community responses or you have always just wanted to volunteer then come along talk to like minded people. Just drop in between 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 17th August at The Assembly Hall in Acre Lane  SW2 1RW (between  the Town Hall & Tesco). For details see: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/News/2011/120811VolunteeringSpeedDating.htm


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3 responses to “Disturbances hit West Norwood

  1. Mrs C

    There was also a robbery of a minimart on the high street by a group of youths who overwhelmed the shop-owner, not to mention money lost to every single business who had to shut down on Tuesday. 2 men were also caught in the Lansdowne Hill area early on Tuesday morning after a police chase where a stolen car had been used to rob a place. The police also stopped a group forming to riot on Tuesday afternoon.

  2. Jackie Meldrum

    A fire engine from West Norwood was attacked on the Sunday night and the Fire Station evacuated – see story in Streatham Guardian.

    http://www.streathamguardian.co.uk/news/9183974.Fire_station_closed_last_night_amid_riots/ suff

  3. Adam

    Tenants are slaves.

    You have to translate the percentage of money paid in rent into time worked.

    If you’re paying 58% of your earnings in rent, then effectively you work from January to September picking your land lords crops. Just so you can have a crappy rough over your head.

    If you’re in London, you’re working for your landlord for three quarters of the year.

    It’s slavery, cleverly done with little pieces of paper

    And the cruellest part of the joke, is how the landlords finance their purchases of property by money the banks pull out of thin air. They produce nothing and they suck up the fruits of everyone else’s labour.


    There is no other word. Blood sucking parasites.

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