Copper thefts from West Norwood Library roof

West Norwood Library & Nettlefold Hall

Scaffolding going up at West Norwood Library & Nettlefold Hall

Following theft of copper roof of the building on Norwood High Street that houses West Norwood library and Nettlefold Hall repairs are underway. Securing the site and erection of scaffolding is the first stage. The original roof has ordinary chipboard immediately under the copper covering . The exposed chipboard has crumbled  making access to the roof difficult & unsafe. Scaffolding is required both inside and outside.

Once the roof is  watertight again work will be needed to restore the electrics in the building. Lambeth council is keen to re-open West Norwood library as soon as possible.

In the meantime arrangements are being made to open  alternative library services at The Lambeth Resource Centre, 1 Parkhall Road SE21 8EH  (at the east end of Robson Road) . An  opening date for the temporary library will be announced shortly.


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  1. Cllr Jackie Meldrum

    Support the campaign to stop the rise in metal thefts by changing the law so that no-one can get paid in cash for selling metal to scrapyards. If thieves have to pay their proceeds into a bank account there is much more chance of the police tracing them.

    Please consider visiting the site below and ‘signing’ the e-petition on Cashless Scrap Metal Trade – Amendment to Scrap Metal Merchants Act 1964.

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