Latest consultation on Norwood Hall project

The plans to replace Norwood Hall with a new health centre, customer centre and a leisure centre which will include a swimming pool, gym & dance studio are moving ahead and will be soon be at the planning application stage.

Norwood Hall Project SketchTo see  the latest plans for the  swimming pool  just drop in to West Norwood Library on Thursday 10 December 10am to 8pm  or Saturday 12 December 10am to 4pm .

For more details of the project see the council’s Future Norwood web pages.

Local people often say West Norwood is a neglected part of Lambeth. For the last two years , with the support of hundreds of local people, Tessa Jowell and local councillor Jackie Meldrum  have been campaigning for a community swimming pool for  the area. A new leisure health and customer centre will provide great local services and give the West Norwood local economy a real boost.

Norwood Hall is on Devane Way opposite West Norwood station. [Map]


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2 responses to “Latest consultation on Norwood Hall project

  1. mrs foster

    actually i am for a new center but very much against the site you have chosen, this is the last remaining green land for a very considerable square milage, there is no justification for taking this piece of land when in west norwood there are brown sites which could be utilized, you are chosing an easy option in an attempt to cut costs, yet you are destroying vital habitat.
    therefore i am protesting in the strongest possible terms in this project in its current form.
    sincerly yours, rm foster-young.

  2. The plan is that the site of Norwood Hall becomes green space in exchange for the new building – which is designed with a living green roof.
    If the council had to buy more land for this project there would be less money to spend on other things such as roads and pavements, schools, libraries, improving housing etc.

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