Shopping In West Norwood – Video Questionnaire

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  1. Peter Griffiths

    Ok !!!! What have we got shopwise in west norwood, well having lived there for 51 years i can say very little for present day shops
    for a start there is far to many fast food shops, hairdressers, hair dresser suppliers on top of each other, and nail bars, we used to have a cinema here where B&Q now stands, would be good to have a new film complex built on the old fire station site, as for general shopping, we go to ASDA so what does that say to you, not enough stores to give the shopper enough choice without leaving west norwood and the obvious one to, is if people did come to norwood to shop where the hell they going park, our side streets are cluttered with people leaving there cars to go to the station as it is, so maybe a cheap allday car park is needed, or adopt the 12.00 till 2.00 no parking in areas nearest the station, i am sure residents of west norwood especially near the station wouldnt mind paying for parking rights as long as it was not that expensive ie £40 per annum, count me in on that one, imagine a young mum with twins and shopping try to park near the house very rare, i have noticed that their are some nice improvements to norwood regarding a new coffee shop, but really only one decent resturant corner of lanchester avenue, but still where would you park.
    I think i have made my point so wont gabble on any longer

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