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Can you help keep Lambeth’s streets weed free?

Lambeth council wants to phase out the use of glyphosate (or Roundup) from April 2021. While trying out non-herbicide methods of weed control this summer 2020 (corona virus permitting) the council will continue its normal weed control programme.

In the meantime if any group of residents wants to weed their street and keep it glyphosate-free this summer please get in touch before the end of Sunday 5th April using this online form: https://forms.lambeth.gov.uk/GLYPHOSATEOPTOUT/launch

If you contact your neighbours please do so online or phone in line with government instructions to stay at home and social distancing.

For more details see:


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Beware weed trees

Sycamore seedlings are popping up everywhere this spring time. Pull them up while you can before they quickly turn into trees in the wrong places!

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Sycamore seedlings

IMG_20150908_162115532Sycamore are weed trees producing thousands of seedlings every year. They are found everywhere in flower beds  and pavement cracks – pull the young trees out now – next year they will be harder to remove!

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