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Lambeth Labour’s co-operative council

Lambeth Town Hall

Labour Lambeth Council's Vision of a new approach to services

Lambeth Labour have been making headlines in the Guardian Newspaper (18th February 2010). In a pioneering new vision of creating a co operative style council Labour Lambeth are setting a challenge to Tory style ‘easy councils’.

The leader of Lambeth council, Steve Reed, said: “We are all looking at a reduction of 20% of funding from central government, and no council can afford to keep on doing what it’s been doing. But while Barnet have come up with a plan to pare back what services they offer, we don’t want to. Instead we’re looking at a different settlement that will move the boundaries of who does what, getting users involved in putting together the services they want. Mutual and co-operative values will be our compass. We’ll give the voters a clear choice – cuts if you vote Tory but with us, not only fewer cuts, but also positive side- effects around community cohesion.”

To read more about this exciting pioneering new vision please check out the article in the Guardian Newspaper.

For an insight into the future of local government and how Labour plans to give more say to local residents please click here.

In another piece of good news for Lambeth the Guardian have also given coverage to Lambeth Labour’s vision of a community led future led by a community hub. The Guardian reports on a 24 hour sports facility¬† includings basketball, boxing, swimming and tennis where¬† young people can also take part in art, education, music and other activities.

To read more about how Lambeth Labour is working with communities to build ties and create a sense of ownership and belonging please click here.

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