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Starting Secondary School Sept 2020

Children born between 1/9/2008 and 31/8/2009 must apply for a secondary school place in 2020  by Thursday 31st October. See details and online application form for Lambeth schools at https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/school-admissions/secondary-school-admissions-202021

Many schools have an extra  “supplementary information form” that is sent direct to the school by a date before the 31st October.

The test day for schools using an admission test is on Saturday 9th November.

Deadline for primary school admissions is  15th January 2020.

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Year 6 children and secondary school

The next two months  are an important time for families with 11 year olds in their last year at primary school. Applications for secondary school have to be in by the end of October.

The Common Application Form (CAF)  is available at Lambeth primary schools and on line: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Services/EducationLearning/SchoolsColleges/SchoolsAdmissions.htm

The form must get to Lambeth council by  31st October at the very latest. The form will be checked for errors if it arrives before  21st October. Some schools require an extra form that has to go to direct to the school.

Most secondary schools organise open days and  evenings. These give  families a chance to see round a school before choosing to put it on the application form..

The open mornings and evenings  for schools in & close to West Norwood ( Bishop Thomas Grant,  Dunraven, Elmgreen, St Martins,  Norwood ) are listed below. Children & parents welcome. No appointment needed.

Get full details on our special School Admissions Page

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