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Dogs in green spaces and play areas

The council is consulting on controls over dogs. The draft scheme specifies where dogs must be on a lead , areas dogs are not allowed, out of control dogs, picking up dog mess and number of dogs per dog walker.

Check the draft scheme to see if your local park or play space is covered:  https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/consultations/have-your-say-dog-control-lambeth  There will be a dedicated Parks Enforcement Team. Once the scheme is formalised as a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)  police officers can also issue fixed penalty notices.

The closing date for consultation on the scheme is Sunday 26th March .

To report:

Dog mess see: https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/environmental-services/report-offence/report-dog-fouling

Concerns about a dog please email animalwelfare@lambeth.gov.uk


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Update – Dog Mess

Dog Mess on pavement

Watch your step with dog mess about

Lots of people complain about dog mess in West Norwood . Maybe we have more dogs than other parts of the borough but we certainly have quite a few irresponsible dog owners who fail to pick up after their dog. Your local Labour councillors are getting ‘no dog fouling’ signs put up in problem areas. Do let us know where you would like to see these signs,.

Our local RSPCA is doing important work in getting dogs identity ‘chipped’ and encouraging responsible dog-ownership. The council encourages responsible ownership with educational campaigns and promotions including the free ‘poop-a-scoops’ to dog owners across the borough. Streetsweepers are responsible for clearing up dog mess from the pavements on a day to day basis. Any street sweeping problems can be reported to 020 7926 9000.

The council has set up BARK (Borough Action for Responsible K9s), a multi agency team to encourage responsible dog ownership and tackle problems caused by irresponsible dog ownership and the mistreatment of dogs in Lambeth.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to identify the culprits so last October, council staff started joint patrols with the local police. They have issued fixed penalty fines of £75 to dog owners they observed allowing their dogs to foul pavements and parks. These patrols are intelligence led and the locations chosen for patrols depend on the public reporting problems areas to Streetscene on 020 7926 9000 or Streetscene@lambeth.gov.uk.

Torbay ran a controversial posters photo campaign last year to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dog. Do you think we should run a similar campaign in Lambeth?

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