Council elections 3rd May

Check out the Labour Party’s manifesto for Lambeth council elections on Thursday 3rd May at

This manifesto has been drawn up with hundreds of local people to create a positive and ambitious vision for a better, fairer Lambeth that aims to improve the lives of all Lambeth residents.

It builds on Labour’s strong record over the last four years – including building the first new council homes in a generation, protecting our 23 fantastic children’s centres and paying every Lambeth employee at least the London Living Wage.

Labour promises are:

  1. Tackling Lambeth’s housing crisis – by completing our ambitious programme of 1,000 council homes and introducing a new private renters charter
  2. A cleaner and greener Lambeth – by keeping a full weekly bin collection, boosting recycling and improving air quality
  3. Delivering value for money – by keeping council tax one of the lowest in London
  4. A safer Lambeth – by tackling youth violence and fighting Tory police cuts
  5. A more equal Lambeth – by creating 1,500 apprenticeships and encouraging every Lambeth business to pay the London Living Wage
  6. Fighting against a Tory Hard Brexit – by campaigning to defend the rights of our EU friends and neighbours

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One response to “Council elections 3rd May

  1. LW

    This will be the first election for 20 years where I will not be voting for Labour. Despite the claim of ‘fighting Tory Brexit’, the Labour leadership continue to enable Brexit, and no amount of rhetorical sleight-of-hand can disguise that. The Labour leadership will take any rise in approval at the local council elections as a sign of approval for the self-harming activities and protest politics it currently revels in.

    I’m surprised, also, that Labour claim Lambeth has ‘one of the cheapest’ council taxes. Lambeth is number 7, with six boroughs being cheaper.

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