KFC refused planning permission

489 -491 Norwood Road

To help promote healthy eating the council has turned down KFC’s planning application to turn disused premises at 489-491 Norwood Rd SE27 9DJ (next to Adarshi Pharmacy) into a restaurant & take away.

Lambeth has a policy of refusing planning permission for any new hot food takeaway within 400 metres or 10 minutes walking of a school. Three such applications have been refused in Norwood & four elsewhere in the borough. To date only one decision has been over turned by the independent Planning Inspector – on condition the opening hours were from 5pm.

For more details see our earlier post 2/5/17 or use ref 17/01574 at Lambeth Planning Portal.

Lots of information online about fast food eg : Daily Mail

The NHS says 13 year olds need about 2300 nutritional calories a day. [See: NHS site]


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3 responses to “KFC refused planning permission

  1. Yvonne Morris

    Fantastic news. There are enough fast food places around. We need proper restaurants to enrich west Norwood.
    Well done Lambeth, a Food Flagship Borough taking a stand .

  2. so the council would rather have a disused premises on the high St, than a well known famous brand. creating employment and selling food to shoppers, who are now not going to the high st, as there no where to get food.
    How about leaving parenting to parents. and if necessary, ban fat kids..

  3. Veronica Bakayana

    I agree with healthy eating but that has to start with educating the kids. I was sad to hear KFC has closed down, as I remember it when I was a child during the 80’s. Also, I would rather go to KFC, then those chicken shops that we have in West Norwood and Tulse Hill.

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