New school opens Sept 2017

Paxton school

Paxton school

Gipsy Hill School is a  new secondary “free school”  due to open with year 7 pupils only in September 2017. Part of the Gipsy Hill Federation of academy primary schools ( which includes Kingswood, Elm Wood, Paxton, Fenstanton, Crawford, Phoenix, Ilderton and Glenbrook schools) the new school will be a “all-through” school so pupils can progress directly from primary schools in the Federation.  James Hadley is the head teacher of  Gipsy Hill School due to open in temporary premises at the re-built Paxton School SE19 1PA. For further details of the new school prospectus see the school web site:

Consultations are taking place on a permanent site for the new secondary school at Clarence Avenue SW4 8LD –

As Gipsy Hill School is a new school,  applications for school places in 2017/18 must be made direct to the school – by 31st October .

For details of all secondary schools in Lambeth see: The deadline for applications is Monday 31st October 2016.




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4 responses to “New school opens Sept 2017

  1. Hi, Just wondering where you got this information from? Paxton Primary school is only PROPOSED as an interim location (subject to feasibility studies and planning), and the DfE has publicly said in the last few days that it is looking at alternate sites. The community is very much against this proposal, which would put the building significantly over capacity, and put unreasonable strain on the already constrained urban site. It’s irresponsible for the Federation (and consequently the media) to report this as a foregone conclusion, particularly to parents who are looking for places for their primary or secondary-level children.

  2. M Styles

    PAXTON REALLY? The federation needs to check its facts! On London Live today a written statement was read out and ton screen saying that Paxton was not the definite interim site off the proposed secondary school. I quote ” Department of Education spokesperson” There has been no decision on where pupils for the school will be housed from September 2017″.
    Don’t be hood winked! Is this ambition before common sense?

  3. Curly watts

    As a local resident and parent with two young children at the school, I am concerned about the way that the Gipsy Hill Federation are handling this proposal. They have engaged in absolutely NO consultation with any of the local stakeholders. Despite huge local opposition they are pushing ahead with the idea of putting year 7 and 8 children into a building alongside much younger children. Both primary and secondary cohorts will be negatively affected by this plan, as will local residents. And for what reason? NOT because of a shortage of local secondary school places in 2017. This is purely about the growth of the Federation, promises, power and promotion.
    Paxton Primary School is not the right place for the interim Gipsy Hill School, for so many reasons, and the Federation know it. That is why they have engaged in absolutely no consultation whatsoever. Any parents thinking of applying to this school, please be aware that it is very unlikely to get planning permission due to the amount of opposition from local residents, parents and other important stakeholders. You may as well save your time and energy and apply to a local secondary school that currently exists.

  4. This news piece is factually incorrect. The interim primary school site is not yet approved for secondary use. The objections for secondary use are well considered and articulated by local campaign group, Paxton Matters. I would strongly encourage readers of the article to visit for a full appraisal of the facts and issues.

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