20mph on Lambeth’s roads

20mph jmA 20mph speed limit will be rolled out to all the roads in Lambeth, except for the red routes maintained by Transport for London (TfL) . TFL will fund the street signage and road markings. In neighbourhoods where, despite the signage, speed continues to be a problem the council will consider other calming measures such as humps in 2017/18.

Lower traffic speeds reduce accidents  and encourage more people to walk or cycle  helping to improve air quality.

For details of the Lambeth Scheme see: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/parking-transport-and-streets/streets-and-roads/lambeth-goes-20mph-guide . Also check out  the “20 is plenty for us”  campaign at http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/




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2 responses to “20mph on Lambeth’s roads

  1. Well done Lambeth, another fantastic waste of tax payers money. I don’t think I’ve ever driven higher than 15mph in Lambeth and especially in West Norwood due to the large amount of constant traffic. More speed bumps would probably be a good idea though as the pot holes and bad road surfaces on every road don’t already do a good job of slowing everyone down. Lambeth should probably invest more money in the little ‘school safety’ cars that sit beside junctions and yellow boxes under the guise of keeping kids safe after school at 7/8pm.

  2. Michael Mordon

    They will be putting speed bumps in my house next to slow me down and planting trees in the middle of the road (rather than just at the side….

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