Brightening up our rail bridges

Cllr Jackie Meldrum with blue design for Knights Hill rail bridge

Cllr Jackie Meldrum with blue design for Knights Hill rail bridge

Hyperkit, a West Norwood business, has designed three large scale brightly coloured panels for the rail bridges at Tulse Hill, Knights Hill and Norwood High Street. The panels will be lit at night to provide a more welcoming environment around our stations.

This project is part of the nearly completed improvement scheme for West Norwood shopping area funded through the London Mayor’s Outer London Fund. Contact us for details.


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6 responses to “Brightening up our rail bridges

  1. Sounds like a really good idea. I look forward to seeing them in action.

  2. Is it really necessary? Who decided? Lovely gesture I’m sure but seriously? Don’t you think it would look tacky?

    • People attending the West Norwood Feast were very positive about the project. The panels are large: over 10 metres long and over 1m high and will include a description of the cemetery (one of the magnificent seven Victorian cemeteries in London). They will really brighten up West Norwood in dark evenings for everyone around the stations.

      The London Mayor’s Design for London team are also very keen on this project.

  3. Zan

    The people who attend the feast are but a small section of the wider diverse population. Let’s not forget that. Thank you Boris, obviously I should be grateful.

  4. Horrendous! It would look completely out of place, and destroy the area’s character. This is one of those well-intended but misguided ideas about “brightening” up an area. Brash, unsophisticated colours and materials do nothing but clash and detract from the surroundings, rather than enhance it. Please respect the area’s vernacular, preserve the lovely brick, and give locals a say in this matter before moving ahead! There are much better ways to enhance the surroundings – landscaping and lighting being two of them.

  5. Zan

    Landscaping, lighting and encouraging Network Rail to cut back their overhanging trees (along Hannen Rd for example) that encroach the pavement so considerably.

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