Norwood Hall

Sonia Winifred at Devane Way road works

Sonia Winifred at Devane Way road works

Construction work on the new Health  & Leisure centre is due to finish early in 2014 and then work will start on ” fitting out” the inside of the building for the GP surgery, dentists, 10 station gym, 25m swimming pool,  dance studio and community room  .

In the meantime Devane Way, the road from Knights Hill, is currently being rebuilt to provide the main route to the Health & Leisure centre due to open in Spring 2014. There will also be a pedestrian route to the centre from Yeoman Close, off Canterbury Grove.

If you have suggestions for sports and health activities in the new centre please get in touch with your local councillors or via this web site.


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  1. jade

    There should be a range of aerobic yoga pilates and dance classes offered and ensure that the timetables allows for classes in morning and evening so that those that work can make full use of the facilities. I also think it needs to be affordable and a discount card for local residents offered. Really looking forward to using the centre to get fit and stay fit.

    • I’m with you Jade! Time ha! I need to lose like 5 stone(no exaggeration)! Aqua Aerobics love that! I used to go to Streatham Aqua but unfortunately it closed so I am really looking forward to the final opening! The gym sounds great! & I literally live 5 minutes away and a discount for locals would be fabulous! 🙂

      • Jaime and Mladen

        We agree, plus we really hope there is already a plan to incorporate a Crèche for the members with young children. There is many of us in the area.

  2. Dan

    It would be great if there was a facility to play badminton. Thanks.

  3. debbie

    Pilates and yoga would be great. A TRX in the gym would be excellent too!

  4. CS

    How about a subsidised (so that it’s inexpensive) but proper coffee shop/ health food cafe open till late-ish (please not a greasy spoon with horrible coffee and dry muffins which closes at 5pm) and a play area for children while their parents are working out? Both will ensure that the take up is good throughout the day and in the evening. Local discounts – yes please!

  5. Jay

    Spin and pump classes in the evening also a sauna and stream room would be great. Also subsidised membership for locals residences. Can not wait

  6. Grace McCabe

    Hi there! I’m Grace McCabe, currently a gym instructor at the beckenham spa gym. I am also a self employed hula hooping coach and fitness coach.

    I’m have set up ‘hoop-ercise’ classes which is a regular aerobics class but with a fun twist!…. A weighted hula hoop! It’s a great way to tone up and loose weight, especially around the dreaded stomach area!!!
    I’d love to set up hoop-excise classes or hoop circuits!

    If anyone is reading this and is interested please do not hesitate to ring me on 07557915549!

    Many thanks
    Grace (:

  7. Leanne

    Can’t wait for the center to be finished. Have been thoroughly overexcited at the prospect of the new gym since I heard about it, back before the build started. Hope there’s lots of classes as other posters have said, with morning and evening times, as I generally need someone shouting at me to keep me motivated when exercising! 🙂 They’ll be hard pressed to get rid of me once it’s open!

  8. Any news on when local residents can start to pre-register for the GP or dentist at the site? Thanks!

  9. Kate

    Hi. I’m looking forward to having a local swimming pool. Squash and badminton courts would be great please. A local netball team would be a bonus too. I agree with a previous post that a creche facility would increase the take up of classes if it was keenly priced. Healthy options cafe sounds great too. How are staff to be recruited for the new centre?

    • This centre is an unusual combination of NHS health services and leisure services. The main leisure spaces are the 100 station gym, the dance studio, the swimming pool and a community room. The exact mix of activities will depend on the operating company and users of the centre. The comments posted here will be taken into account.

      Some staff will move from other NHS services & leisure centres. We will aim to recruit local people for the vacancies.

  10. Any news on progress? Has an opening date been agreed yet?

  11. Clair

    It would be great to have soft play for children too.

  12. Tonia

    I am a qualified ETM, spin/cycle and swim instructor. I should also be qualified in circuits/outdoor fitness and aqua by the time the centre is open. I would love the opportunity to teach at the new centre please let us locals know where we apply or contact me – I have lived in West Norwood for the last 16 years and would love to work at the centre on a casual basis……looking forward to seeing some great fitness facilities in West Norwood.

  13. Anna

    Creche and soft play! Mums want to stay or get fit but need help to do so! Soft play would provide much needed activity for cold and wet weather.

  14. paula

    Will there be anything for the over 55’s etc

  15. Karen

    Which operating company has been awarded the contract to run the leisure services? Thanks.

  16. Jo

    First of all I really hope it will be also Crèche there, as otherwise no chance for many of us during the weekdays. Secondly Zumba please! Can’t wait for the centre to be opened! Jo

  17. Kika Hall
    23/02/2014 at 00:09

    Concerning the new leisure centre for West Norwood could a sauna and steam room be put in as I think it goes hand in hand with modern day leisure centres …..Please note that the lovely new leisure centre in Streatham by Tesco is lacking a sauna and steam room (used the swimming pool recently and was most disappointed with lack of these facilities)

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