Unfair fare rises for West Norwood

Val Shawcross at West Norwood station bus stop

Val Shawcross at West Norwood station bus stop

The New Year sees more financial pain for rail and bus users in West Norwood as fares on trains and buses are rising yet again.   Since the Mayoral elections in 2008 fares have continued to rise. The cost of a single bus journey by Oyster has gone  up by 44%  and the cost of a Zone1– 4 weekly Travelcard is up by £249 per year.

On 2nd January, just as people make their way back to work after the Christmas and New Year break, fares have gone up again.  These rises come at a tough time for all of us as the Tory government, propped up by the Lib Dems,  is making massive cuts to public services and increasing tax on nearly everything we buy  – vat is now at 20% its highest ever.

Val Shawcross, our London Assembly representative says:  These huge fare rises leave residents asking why the Mayor chose to spend millions redesigning a new ‘doubledecker’ bus, and why he chose to lose money by scrapping the Congestion Charge extension in west London.  They may also question why in October the Government decided to cut funding for London’s transport system by 21%.   These are all political choices, with people in our area paying the consequences.
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Labour councillors are organising a petition to send to the London Mayor and the Tory government against the fare rises.  If you’d like to show your support for our campaign please email: mikesmith4knightshill@hotmail.co.uk

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