Friends of Parks

Do you use your local parks?

Jane Pickard at Streatham Common

Cllr. Jane Pickard at Streatham Common

Many of our nearby parks are supported by  ‘friends’ groups  made up of local residents. With the heavy spending cuts imposed on councils by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition  government the costs of all public  services will be under review. If you care about your local park this  is a good time to  join up with other like minded people and  make a difference to the running of your favourite park now and in the future.

Brockwell Park
Membership £5 per year

Streatham Common
Membership £5 per year starting every January.

Tivoli Park or Knights Hill Recreation Ground
Email for more information

Norwood Park
Email for information

Dulwich Park
Membership £3 per year

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