Tesco wins battle of Rose & Crown

Rose & Crown in 2004

Rose & Crown in 2004

Tesco  got permission for its plans to adapt the derelict Rose & Crown pub on Crown Lane into a Tesco Express on Wednesday 15/9/10. They intend to open the shop  in December 2010

After 2 hours of talking at  Lambeth’s Planning Committee local businesses  & residents, supported by Cllr Jane Pickard,  finally extracted a concession from Tesco. Tesco will now have to submit their  transport plans for the shop to the council for approval. Over 800 residents signed a petition opposing changing the pub into another Tesco.  A smaller number of local residents do support Tesco’s plans.

Unfortunately the planning laws mean any pub can become a shop without planning permission from the council & local community. The Closed Pubs web site says 25 pubs are closing every month  –  their web site keeps  a list of these lost pubs  http://www.closedpubs.co.uk


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2 responses to “Tesco wins battle of Rose & Crown

  1. Paul Warrick

    why don’t we just all roll over and close all the local shops, tarmac Streatham common and install a huge tesco with conveyor belts directly into our kitchens feeding us what ever cheap, over packaged, processed crap they feel is most profitable at that time? If the council can’t/won’t stand up to this then who the hell can? who need the local fishmonger aking an effort, or a nice deli – lets just give up and let Tesco take over!

    • Rod Brown

      Some people need to live in the real world. Tesco is popular because people like shopping there. If the residents around Crown Point do not want it it will not survive. The choice is not between Tesco or a butchers and a “deli”. It is between Tesco or a “Costcutter” which will sell the same range of products but charging more for them. I have, for a number of years, lived near the Tesco on Croxted Road and seen no evidence that is has harmed the remainder of the shopping centre in which it is located.
      In the end which retailer survives and who does not should depend on the choices of individuals as to where they spend their money not on the whims of the arrogant middle classes who would deny that choice.

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