Community oppose Tesco Express on Crown Lane

Campaign to oppose Tesco Express

Campaign to oppose Tesco Express

Tescos want to open a Tesco Express in December 2010  on the site of the Rose & Crown pub at 4  Crown Lane . The pub closed over a year ago.

Local residents and businesses are opposed to having  another Tesco’s in the neighbourhood. There are 9 local shops in the immediate area of Crown Point that are likely to be badly affected by a new Tesco. Do let local councillor Jane Pickard know what you think about another Tesco. Jane’s email is

This proposal  is similar to the Tescos on the  former Jack  Stamps pub at 551 Norwood Road . Planning laws do allow pub premises ( use A4)   to change into a shop (use A1)  without the need for a planning decision.

Tescos have applied for planning permission ( ref 10/ 01604)   to  alter the existing  ground floor rear extension  – raising the flat roof, remove the  external staircase and balustrade, blocking up of an existing door and window at first floor level. See Lambeth council web site for details.

It is not too late to send in comments to Lambeth  Planning. Write to Andrew Byrne at Phoenix House SW8 2LL  or email quoting the planning ref 10/ 01604.  Your local councillors have asked for the decision on the planning application to be taken in public where there will be another opportunity for residents and local businesses to put their views forward.


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2 responses to “Community oppose Tesco Express on Crown Lane

  1. Sergio Arango

    I live just next door where the rose and crown pub is and i am very strong agreement to have the new tesco espress in crown point as the shops up there only offer the basic products. Plus they are forgetting about the elderly and sick people around who has to travel miles away to get their goods.
    Also i have found that they are very rude with customers putting service on the second place also speccilly londis it got the sight to be a pay point too but once you get there and try to pay your rent they want 2 pounds on the top on your rent when clearly it says on the back of your rent book pay at the pay point with no cost.
    Also cash machines in this area will charge you almost 2 pounds to draw some money.
    They do not offer freshness at all.
    and i do believe that new tesco will bring more jobs to the area and the area will be more lively.

  2. ian taylor

    I couldn’t agree more. Tesco’s would be a WELCOME addition to the community.
    The first step in the right direction to making Crown Point a better Place.

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