Scandals Night Club

When Scandals took over the business from  Southern Pride in Norwood High Street residents asked local councillor Jackie Meldrum for help. Although the building backs on to industrial land it does have residential neighbours who want a good night’s sleep and there had been problems in the past. Jackie advised residents to write to Lambeth Council with their concerns about the licence for late night  music, dancing and alcohol.
And last week councillors on Lambeth’s Licensing committee listened to local residents and finally agreed a licence for Scandals on condition that the hours of operation were reduced to closing at  1am on weeknights and 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.
For more information about  Scandals see their web site:

Businesses are important to the future of West Norwood and will be welcomed particularly if  they take on empty premises and get on well with their neighbours!
To find out how licensing works check out Lambeth’s web site


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  1. Peter

    well the licensing committee weren’t listening veery hard were they, or maybe they have been deafened by the noise from nightclubs.
    Protecting the local community means ensuring you can’t get to sleeep before 1 am weekday nights and 3 am weekend nights.
    Not much of a result there.

    • If you are disturbed by noise at night then use Lambeth’s Noise Nuisance Service 020 7926 5999. Councillors recently agreed to fund extended hours to cover Monday to Thursday evenings: 5pm to 3am; Friday evenings: 5pm to 5am; Saturday: 2pm to 5am; Sunday: 2pm to 3am.

      The council will also investigate complaints about licensed premises. Write to Lambeth Licensing ,2 Herne Hill Road, London, SE24 0AU or email or telephone 020 7926 6108.
      As a last resort local residents can ask for a formal review of the licence.

  2. Luisa Bonora

    So …. apparently Happy Hours have proved to be the cause of raudy and undesirable antisocial behaviour in other parts of London and the Country… Councils and the Police are coming down on this …. AND WE LICENCE IN AN URBAN AREA FRIDAY NIGHTS DRINK AS YOU LIKE FOR 25.oo quids…… CONGRATULATION You have served the community well….. Never mind of course all the consequences of attracting to a relatively small residential urban area undesirable so called “youth colture followers”
    BAD IDEA –

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