St Lukes Gardens & railings


St Lukes Gardens & railings – a successful NAG project with NAG and the council

Norwood Action Group social Christmas drinks social evening

7.30pm on Tuesday 8th December at the  Kahvah café 251 Norwood Road.

Norwood Action Group (NAG)  provides a non-party political voice for residents on local issues as they bubble up. Because it meets monthly, NAG can be fast in reacting to events and is independent as it does not depend on funding from a public body. In this way, it differs from the Norwood Forum, which has the advantage of being bigger, able to reach more people with its support from Lambeth and meets several times a year to discuss more strategic local issues. NAG supports the forum, but believe both groups have a role to play.

Everyone is welcome to drop in on Tuesday and meet up with  NAG  members.

NAG started life in 1997 after a public meeting, held by the council to discuss parking ,which broadened into a series of demands for improvements to the town centre. Local people felt Norwood had suffered years of neglect.

In those first years, NAG was  instrumental in negotiating the half-hour parking places in the town centre, introducing Christmas lights and a Christmas tree after many years of seasonal gloom, supporting the campaign by West Norwood Community Development to rescue the Old Library from dereliction and refurbish it as a youth and community centre, and pressing the council to appoint a town centre manager. We ran a gardens competition for several years and had a significant input into the UDP – Lambeth’s long-term development plan for the area.

Later successes have included the refurbishment of the memorial garden in front of St Luke’s Church with the restoration of the railings (a project run jointly with the church) [see photo] ; a survey exploring possible improvements to the area around Tulse Hill station, which produced many ideas now on the council’s agenda, and the campaign to resist a nine-storey block of flats being built on the site of West Norwood Tennis Club. NAG was also instrumental in getting a pedestrian phase at the Norwood Road/York Hill traffic lights and persuading the council to establish a new committee, which is about to start life, to enable the community to have a say in the running of the Old Library.

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